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2018 april 21 - september 02 > Collection BIOMUS / Life, Death and Trees

Collection BIOMUS is a collection of artists in colaboration with the Biology museum. Every artist has his own point of view: poetic, descriptive or problematizing, whereas the common ground is a strong interest in NATURE, to use plants and animals as an artistic motive.

We wanted to colaborate with the the staff of the Biology museum and thought the Moscow Biennale was an interesting context for Swedish artists in Moscow. Luckally, the project ”Collection BIOMUS / Museum Fantasies” was selected for the Special program of the “6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art” and the sequel project ”Collection BIOMUS / Our Birches, Your Birches” was part of the Parallel program of  the “7th Moscow International Biennale of Contemporary Art”. This exhibition, ”Life, Death and Trees”, is an independant continuation of the Biennale project.


Ulrika Christell, artist and curator


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Ulrika Christell "Birches"
Digital picture on computer screen