2016 september 19 - oktober 02 > Baltic Biennale i Sankt Petersburg


"V Baltic Biennale of Contemporary Art / Baltic Interconnections" arrangerades av Sankt Petersburgs universitet i samarbete med det privata galleriet “New Museum” i Sankt Petersburg. Svenska konstnärer fick inbjudan att delta i utställningen tillsammans med kollegor från Ryssland och de Baltiska länderna.


Biennalens katalog online: issuu.com/spb.art.residency/docs/baltic_biennale_catalog



The Painting with a Summer Pavilion


A real fairy tale can be passed on for hundreds of years and it can wander from country to country, so this story is indeed a real fairy tale, for it started its career more than two hundred years ago in Poland and Russia and later went across the Baltic Sea to Finland and Sweden.

A real fairy tale can also move freely between different social classes, between rich and poor, so this story is indeed a real fairy tale, because it has touched both high princes, adjutants and countesses as well as lady´s-maids, housewives and cleaners.

My project for "V Baltic Biennale / Baltic Interconnections" is called "The Painting with the Summer Pavilion". The work consists of a picture with a golden frame, some associated items and a slide show in a digital photo frame. The painting is a copy of an old oil painting which I photographed in a museum, while the slide show displays the results of my ongoing investigation of the original painting, its motives and history. It is a compilation of texts and images that I ask you to regard just like such a real fairy tale.


Ulrika Christell